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Save Money on Your
Electricity Bill

Save on average 20,000 JPY on your energy bill

Switching is fast and very easy

Select greener energy suppliers

How to save money on Electricity Bill?

Compared to other developped countries, electricity can be quite expensive in Japan. However, it is very easy to change to a different provider. By choosing one that has plans and rates that better fit your lifestyle, you can make some substantial savings on your electricity bill.

Average annual savings of 20,000 yen

You can pay by credit card

How Much Can You Save?

Customers save on average 4 to 6% on their electricity bill.

For a couple living in Tokyo, this can easily represent 20,000 JPY per year.

New energy providers have consumption plans that can better fit your lifestyle.

List of Power Companies






CD Energy Direct

Genie Energy

Area covered

Nationwide (except Okinawa and remote islands)

Nationwide (except Okinawa and remote islands)

Nationwide (except Okinawa and remote islands)

Nationwide (except Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands)

Tokyo Area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Tochigi, Gumma, Ibaraki, Yamanashi, Shizuoka)

Nationwide (except Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands)

Basic charge

858 JPY (30A)

815 JPY


1,086.8 JPY (40A)

1,070.6 JPY (40A)

858 JPY (40A)

Pay as you go

19.88 JPY (Up to 120kWh)
24.54 JPY (121kWh to 300kWh)
26.22 JPY (Over 301kWh)

19.72 JPY (Up to 120kWh)
26.06 JPY (121kWh to 300kWh)
25.78 JPY (Over 301kWh)

26.4 JPY / kWh (regardless of your consumption)

18.84 JPY (Up to 120kWh)
23.03 JPY (121kWh to 300kWh)
25.78 JPY (Over 301kWh)

Flat rate of 7049.16 JPY (300 kWh):
25.47 JPY (Over 300 kWh)

24 JPY / kWh

Cancellation fee

0 JPY (two-years contract)

0 JPY (one-year contract)



0 JPY (one-year contract)

0 JPY (one-year contract)

Recommended Companies

Below are some of the companies that provide interesting benefits.


Eneos Denki has over 15 years of experience operating power generation facilities accross Japan. The company offers several benefits for customers signing up to their electricity plan, especially for those who own a car or for big families. Free support for electrical problems is also included.

Discounts available for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene.


*Call outsourced to Selectra Japan

Recommended for

  • People who ride cars and motorcycles a lot.

  • People who use a lot of electricity.


Remix Denki follows the same pricing plans than major electricity providers, consisting of a base charge and usage tiers. However, the company main attractive point is to simply provide on average 5% cheaper plans, regardless of your electricity consumption. As such, Remix Denki is an easy way to make some savings.

Low base rate and low per-meter charge.

Some plans offer a 5% discount that can be redeemed in virtual currency.

Remix Denki .png

*Call outsourced to Selectra Japan

Recommended for

  • Those who live alone and want to reduce their electricity bill.


Looop started in the aftermarth of the Great East Japan Earthquake by selling stand-alone solar power generation set. The company focuses on renewable energy and, unlike many competitors, does not have a basic monthly charge.

No base fee, no cancellation fee.

Emphasis is placed on the use of renewable energy.

Looop Denki logo.jpg

*Call outsourced to Selectra Japan

Recommended for

  • People with higher contracted amperage.

  • People who use a large amount of electricity each month.


LPIO is a company that has been supplying gas for more than 50 years, and extended its services to include electricity. Its main selling point is that it is one of the cheapest in the industry, but does not feature any extra benefit. As such, it is perfect for those looking to reduce their bill.

Base fee is free in some areas.

Cheaper than TEPCO in terms of basic charges and electricity consumption.


*Call outsourced to Selectra Japan

Recommended for

  • For those who want to save money in a simple way.

  • There is also a set discount with gas.

  • Recommended for households that spend more than 10,000 yen a month on electricity.

CD Energy Direct

Established in 2018, CD Energy Direct offers several plans to fit your lifestyle, whether your are living alone or with a family. Some of them also have a point system that can be exchanged for T points or Nanaco.

Basic charge is cheaper than TEPCO.

If you don't electricity at all, the basic charge will be automatically reduced by half.

Check your consumption directly online.

Plan easy to understand.

CD Energy Logo.png

*Call outsourced to Selectra Japan

Recommended for

  • There is also a set discount with gas.

  • Perfect for households who uses a large amount of electricity each month.

Genie Energy

Not as famous as the other electricity company, Genie Energy offers some very interesting plans that can fit most consumption.

Easy to understand plan.

Also has plans with a cost-adjustment system.

Recommended for

  • For households who uses more than 300 kWh per month.

Genie Energy.png

*Call outsourced to Selectra Japan

Easiest Way to Change Your Electricity Provider !

In 3-steps, we will help you to save money on your electricity bill in Japan.

Step 1.png
Step 2.png
Step 3.png

Estimate Your Savings
Fast and Easy

Call us or answer some simple questions online. By knowing your monthly electricity consumption, we can give you an estimate on the savings you can make.

Choose a Plan
The Best Offer for You

Based on the information provided, we introduce you to different electricity suppliers and consumption plans that fit your lifestyle. Feel free to ask any questions.

Request a transfer
Get Support all of the Way

If you are interested in proceeding, we can apply on your behalf to change your electricity provider. The process is easy and only take a few days.

Why Trust Us?

Since its creation in 2015 our company, Inbound Platform Corp., has for mission to support foreigners coming and living in Japan. We provide several services such as Wi-Fi rental, Apartment rental, Currency Exchange, PCR Test reservation in English, etc.

Our multilingual team know the needs and issues you might face when living in a foreign country, and will always do its utmost to support you.


The answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Do I have to pay anything to use this service?

No. The service is totally free for you.


Is there any risk to change my electricity provider?

In the unlikely case your new electricity provider goes bankrupt, the regional company that manages the overall power transmission will automatically step in to make up the difference and provide you with electricity.

What savings can I expect by changing my electricity provider?

However in the case of a couple with an average consumption of 400kWh per month and a current contract with their regional electricity supplier, it is not unusual to achieve 20,000 JPY savings on the yearly electricity bill. For a family with children, the average savings can be substantially more.

How changing my electricity provider helps me making some savings?

When you are switching to a new electricity provider, you are basically signing a new contract at a different price. As their are litterally hundreds of them in Japan, they are all engaged in competitive pricing, Some companies focuses on greener energy, other on their customer service, perks or extra discounts. Please contact us to have a better idea on which energy plans might fit your lifestyle.

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